The Mystery of the Character Surpise

Les Trouble and Spike return, but this time students discover that by using character traits they can keep their school safe and bully-free. Students come face to face with a bully and practice using techniques to keep themselves and others safe while supporting the nationwide bully-proofing efforts. All the latest research is incorporated into this 50 minute theatrical program that keeps teachers and students on the edge of their seats. Messages can be also adapted to fit your school's specific focus and needs.

Safety, Responsibility and Respect

These skills are a part of everything your students do - in school and out! But do your students know how to use these positive behavior traits when they are angry? Detective Les Trouble, Problem Investigator and his troublemaking sidekick Spike will show them how.

With over 4500 performances to date, this hysterical conflict resolution show has been the rave of thousands of principals for over two decades. Its revolutionary, theatrical approach to demonstrating coping skills and anger management techniques enthralls young minds while teaching problem solving using safety, responsibility and respect. Listening skills, I messages, brainstorming, and compromise are the empowering lessons kids will remember and put to use. Insure peaceful and safe problem solving every day!

The Superstar Character Academy is an interactive assembly where students learn about having good character, becoming leaders, being honest, respecting adults, and fairness. Presented by comedian Adam Ace, who has a college degree in Elementary education and is a certified teacher in the state of Virginia. Partially inspired by the book "7 Habits of Happy Kids: The Leader in Me" by Sean Covey, The Superstar Character Academy teaches students that they can become a superstar if they have good character, study hard, stay in school and treat others with respect. It is a really fun program that keeps students engaged so they learn while they laugh. It's a multimedia presentation that uses audience participation; comedy, videos, slideshows and music to create a multi-sensory experience students will remember long after it is over. We are truly passionate about the fact that The Superstar Character Academy will prepare students to become the future leaders and superstars of tomorrow.

Acceptance and understanding are the ultimate goal of getting along. Join our Magical Ringmaster and Smudgy the Clown as they show how to always be F.A.I.R. (Fair, Awareness, Include, Respect) while your students are turned into circus stars. It's 45 minutes of audience involvement that guarantees to unforgettably support any "Dignity for All" or character education curriculum! Ask about our optional take-home book and DVD that pays cash back after the show.