Green Magic will magically transport your students to a world where “going green” can be exciting and fun! The production uses science, comedy, and magic to provide a must see experience! Your Students will witness a used soda can, recycled in the blink of an eye! Watch as an animatronic bird comes to life to educate about the dangers that plastic bags pose on our planet. This production is guaranteed to motivate children to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!


This is an award-winning show that teaches students that science can be exciting and fun. More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, this zany show makes science look "way cool!" With a focus on science experiments that use everyday objects, Dr. Science makes the Scientific Method easy to understand. Up to 15 students participate on stage in a high-energy, hands-on experience that simple household items can be used to perform amazing science experiments. Guaranteed to be one of the best science shows your students will ever see!